Demodex Test

What are Demodex mites?

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites that live under hair follicles and in oil glands. They are linked to many issues such as Demodex mites rosacea and Demodex acne.
Recent studies have found that 100% of people have mites present on them, however, they tend to become a problem when a high population density is found. 
A high population density of Demodex mites in humans have been linked to all manner 
of hair and skin problems.
These symptoms indicate that a high population density of mite is present and needs 
to be treated effectively.
Hair loss is not a new problem. When dealing with hair loss, people always over-treat their scalps with too many products and treatments, hoping that it will be deeply revitalized and hair will grow again. However, they might have missed out something very important in the process. Our pets, be them cats or dogs are always infected with mites or skin parasites that feed on the keratin layer of the skin. Similarly, we have unknowingly become the host for those
dangerously harmful microorganisms known as hair mites which cause hair loss. 
To tackle this problem, we have to start from the root.

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