Dermal fillers


Dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a substance naturally found in your skin. Natural aging and other factors such as sun exposure and lifestyle reduce the amount of HA in the skin and compromise its firmness and elasticity causing undesirable folds, wrinkles, and sagging. Immediately after your treatment, you will discern a smoothing of the wrinkles and folds. When the effect of the treatment begins to diminish, you can replenish the area as needed. We use the highest quality, brand name fillers for maximum effectiveness and safety. Dermal filler is in the form of a soft gel and would be injected under your skin by a trained physician through syringe application. In order to create a more comfortable experience, some dermal fillers are premixed with lidocaine. The numbing effect of lidocaine prevents discomfort. We usually use specific cannulas to prevent any bruising. All filler injections are performed at Green Clinic under supervision of Dr. Alireza Semsar.

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