Facial treatments

The most innovative skincare, suitable for beauty salon/safe and effective skin whitening;

Instead of the traditional art and traditional exfoliating skincare/instantly improve skin dry state, and to achieve a safe, efficient and fast replenishes nutrients;
Directly improve the skin from lack of oxygen caused by dark skin, dull/non-invasive therapy safer, no cross-infection does not affect normal operation Cosmetic procedures skin comfortable, moist, cool feeling, easy to complete cosmetic procedure/promote skin lymphatic drainage, protect healthy skin.

A unique skin regeneration technology, the use of water and oxygen safer/the body get rid of aging skin, stimulates blood circulation, promote rehabilitation so that the body's skin delicate skin elasticity.

Hygiene Facial

A basic facial that provides cleansing, Toning, exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

Extractions are performed if necessary, followed by high frequency that heals, disinfects and tones the skin. This facial is customized based on skin types and conditions. This facial is customized. ADVANCED FACIAL a deep cleansing, exfoliating and rejuvenating facial, designed to work with your specific skin type.

Galvanic machine will be used in order to further cleans skin and force in the active ingredients in to deeper layer of the skin, revealing more hydrating and well balanced skin.

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